Strengthening the shore or bank stabilization.

How and what to strengthen the shore? Strengthening the shore of the pond is very important and necessary part of the job for most of the pond.
Strengthening the shore of the reservoir, we create for favorable, long-lasting zone of destruction and blur shores.
Improve the beauty of their land where the pond becomes the beauty and pride of your family.
Everyone knows that time does not stand still, and affects all the events in our lives.
The same way and on the shores of our ponds, lakes and reservoirs affects the time.
When the pond many years standing unattended, of course its shores fading omelevayut, clogged, deformed, and dry pond becomes like a swamp.
Also shore waters lose their beauty from the effects of natural factors such as rainfall, especially the heavy waves of the lake, even human error can cause damage to the banks of the reservoir (arrival of heavy equipment) ...

Recently, widespread innovative methods to strengthen the gentle shores with different geosynthetics georeshotka - geogrid, geonet, Geomats, and natural materials - biomatov (biopolotno) biosetok erosion (organic geogrids, biotekstil) of jute and coconut fibers.
With a wide range of materials for bank stabilization, which differ in their physical, mechanical and performance, you can choose the best option for solving the most complex tasks, taking into account the specifics of each individual reservoir and preferences of their owners.
Strengthening the shore - a very important stage in the construction of reservoirs.
Very important is the choice of materials for bank stabilization, better than strengthen knows best professional with experience, which is why you can safely turn to us, and our experts will help you in choosing quality materials to reinforce the banks of ponds, lakes, ponds, or rivers in your area.

We offer quality services to strengthen the coastal zone of the reservoir

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