"MIROZER" - offers high quality and quite affordable services:
The cleaning water from the silt.
works aimed at deepening and cleaning of lakes and riverbeds.
Cleaning of vegetation in water bodies and coastal zone.
Improvement of the pond.
• Clearing the waters of the pond and coastal area without involving heavy machinery.
Strengthening the shores to prevent erosion of shores and shallowing of the water body.
Deepening and widening of river channels.
• Create sandy beaches.
• Create a pond for swimming.
Deepening the bottom of the reservoir to create a beach area, boat dock, launch the fish.
Building a dam to raise the water level in the pond.
alluviation soil, sand.

Experience has made ​​our work shows that our equipment has a number of advantages over conventional cleaning agents, such as draglines, excavators and industrial dredgers.
We performed all the obligations relating to the quality of work performed, preserving the environment, the reliability of guarantees.
We offer our services to municipal services, yacht clubs, fisheries, agricultural and other enterprises, as well as owners of private property.
Always ready to solve all the problems that have arisen with your ponds.
The work of our specialists will help you to fully enjoy the cleanliness and beauty of your water possessions. If you have any questions,
You can always get a consultation by phone

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