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Cleaning the pond - the effect of 100%

Cleaning the pond or services dredger ponds to cleanse very important moment !!!
And do you know why I specifically called this article?

Yes, everything just because our company makes cleaning pond - efficiently and effectively at 100%, and in this you have a chance to make sure you order the service for cleaning your pond or lake.

Mini dredge - a small buses designed specifically for cleaning all types of water bodies from the small to the great quality and with no harm to you and your landscape area.

So you can not worry about already furnished areas of landscape design you have in the country.

Mini dredge dredger is called manual is not casual, but because he can enter into the usual gate of your yard and folds in a few minutes (about 30 minutes) and all the time to work!

Cleaning water is necessary for all, without exception, reservoirs, lakes, ponds, rivers, canals, which are not beautiful, marshy, terrible look and smell respectively.

Our experts will help you with both the internal cleaning of the reservoir and outside cleaned of dirt, debris, quarrel, reeds, leaves, various plants and shrubs will also help get rid of unnecessary trees.

Clear entirely coastal area of your pond from A to Z, and then you will not believe your eyes when you see this - a beauty!

Why clean the pond? Maybe a stupid question! And perhaps many have long known the answer to this question.

And if you just do not know the answer, I will answer you personally shortly.

Cleaning the pond - is your clean and quiet leisure, recreation and fishing on your own pond clean.

So that, without a doubt, order a mini dredger for cleaning water from the silt, and the deepening and expansion of pond waters to the desired size and depth.

Call us now!

Author: Marina.

Construction of a reservoir, lake, pond.

Construction of the reservoir - the very phrase already told you about the construction of a natural pond. And by this word combination, you can learn many interesting things.

Our company is engaged in construction of the World Lakes reservoirs, lakes and ponds from A to Z. We construct for you a natural wonder that will give you pleasure for years to come !!!

Build a pond from the start - this is the most exciting and interesting story of the birth of yet another miracle in our nature to you. And it was you, until you see at the construction site of the reservoir - do not know how is born natural pond.

Digging a pond excavator happens when you appropriate dimensions of the site and where the excavator can easily get and not by constraint and begin its work on digging the pond.

Natural pond - a pond is not only created by nature itself, but with the help of human intervention in its landscape. That is, the artificial intervention of special equipment: excavators, loaders, dump trucks for removal of soil, spade ..

Do not be afraid to make a pond on the site, especially if the dimensions allow it to make a bigger pond, plus your desire to create a pond of your dreams, then go ahead and forward.

Beautiful and clean the pond - a fat plus you and nature!

You will need a minimum of effort, call or write to the company Peace Lakes make an appointment and be ready (oh) pay for materials, equipment and labor masters.

And you do not notice how you will prevail in the area is beautiful, natural pond !!!

Story of a lake.

Was himself such a small village, in which lived a couple of hundred people. And in every yard were geese, chickens, ducks, cows and even horses.

People worked hard for his family that would feed her, just like you, just everyone has their own work.

Worked, grazed their cattle, horses, and even geese on the green grass near a small stream, which often dry in the summer and the cows mooing without water, the shepherds had to drive the herd home, so that they could get a drink of water at home.

This is how they lived, everyone knows that without some water is very, very hard, people and animals, and all living nature.

In the summer, one of the families of this village came grandson, he then worked in the capital and has been a professional in the field of geology, and he had plenty of friends in the construction industry.

He immediately noticed how hard it is for people without a sufficiency of water, and water wells in the permanent care away. Looking at all this, the young man did not even hesitate decided to help their loved ones and the whole village.

He's back in town for his workers geological instruments at the same time agreed with your friends for help and went to work. To begin, the young man began to study the ground and the ground looked like and where it is best to dig deep large lake for all the people of the village.

All thoroughly studied the young man invited his friends and assistants with an excavator on the construction of lakes and all within a few days dug a huge lake, which is filled with water, and even raise the water level in wells human.

Thus, in the village there was a long-awaited water for all, especially for the animals. Cows in the summer just swam in the lake, too, drove the horses to drink, geese happily raised wings and flew to the water shouting, it all had to be seen.

Lake in the village was named in honor of this young man, people are still very grateful to him, and when he arrives in the village, make sure the entire village walks.

In honor of his feast, so here because of one of the lake can only be known and to raise the level of respect for other people.

Here's a story of life. Hope you like?

Author: Marina

Epiphany story of the creation of the hole.

The story begins like this. To the great feast in the village came a young man to his family and decided to help in the organization of Epiphany event.

In the village live mainly elderly people, and no one to help, and many young people just simply, if a drink, and all, and crank case Helpful laziness.

So the newcomer young man decided to help and organize a holiday in the countryside. Gather a lot of assistants he cut through the hole in the lake for swimming and light water.

And for the youngest on the lake made ​​the rink for hockey games, the guys from the village were just happy.

It is a time of great celebration of Baptism, in the village on the lake to gather a lot of people, consecrated water and the mass bathing.

The first course had the privilege to dive into the hole to who invented greatly benefit the village and all its inhabitants.

So that the holiday was all happy and healthy. The young man went back to his city, and the guys from the village still play hockey on the lake.

Here's a story of life.

Author: Marina.


How to make a pond?

How to make a pond? Very interesting question! Let's try to find the answer!

In life, it also happens that does not exist in some reservoirs - that area of the village or on some piece of land here is very appropriate question is: "How to make a pond?"

Or is there, but just for a long time for them, no one cared and ponds just dried up.

This is certainly a very big problem when the area is not enough water and the creation of the reservoir becomes more problematic.

Just imagine that you have a cottage, garden, but no nearby pond, which is fed with all the land around. You water your seedlings with water from a well or water supply, the water is very cold, which in itself is bad for the plants.

Summer heat is unbearable, you just tortured wear and water your plants, where to find the exit.

He is just making a pond, unless of course plot allows.

You say, how to make a pond, I'll try to answer your question. Make a lake, a pond, a pond can be anywhere on the earth, but of course if the site is large, and the reservoir can be done simply gorgeous.

Imagine your site, your garden, and just slightly below eye-catching beautiful lake with lilies, fish, greens, sandy beaches, coastal defense with oak stakes, so that for ages, tiled walkways, a fountain ....

From the lake has a special system that bred to your garden, and from time to time she pours your greens, then when you need.

And moreover, pours clean water at normal temperature, which is just a wonderful way enriches your seedlings nutrient reservoir and a positive effect on the rapid growth of the plants.

You are in the hot summer often relax by the pond to swim, catch fish, grill barbecues by the lake and just having fun with the family, with no longer breathe the air so hot, and already much cool and moist, it is better effect on your health. Since the nose and throat does not dry out and get the desired percentage of moisture and flora is not disturbed.

So how do you make the pond deeper proceed in this matter. As I said just above, a lot depends on the size of your site. You can dig a pond as special equipment (for large volumes) and manually conventional shovels (for small ponds).

Digging a large pond, special excavators we engage to help us dig a pit for the future reservoir the size you want, then all you need is finished by hand and the fun begins - the birth of a beautiful pond.

Well, for a small portion also has its privileges. Ability to make the pond as artificial and natural, just a little.

But the beauty of your pond size does not depend. Any pond itself is already beautiful, but the work of the designer in many ways to improve the appearance of your lake.

So it's up to you, and of course we dare already. Doubt is whether you need to do as a lake or a lake in the area, just call our manager and get totally free advice and answer your question.

Without water, all very bad, and when there is a pond on the site, it's a huge plus in nature.

No matter what the size of your site, the decision of how to make the pond is always, remember this.

  Author: Marina


Cleaning lakes, ponds, reservoirs.

Cleaning lakes - what is it? Do we need cleaning lake at all? The answer you will know very soon!

You ask, what is the cleaning of the lake, and why is it necessary? I will try to more clearly answer your question.

Suppose you have a pond on the site, but for many years after him, no one cared or even just because it in itself for many years.

Look at him, water was dirty, overgrown, omelel, guard crumbled, briefly became more like a swamp, it's time to act and make cleaning the lake or even deepen your pond.

That's it, clean lakes and solves a lot of problems that can be solved "in one fell swoop," according to the common people, and that is - cleaning the lake as the inside and outside.

Ie cleaning reeds, as debris in the lake and next to it, not cleaning any desired vegetation, deepening and expanding the volume of the reservoir, sand-wash, coastal defense.

The cleaning process of the lake produces hand dredge that pumps out bad and dirty water from the lake, the mule, the sand, and the place is already treated water enters.

It is also possible variants of natural filling the reservoir with water, in most cases it does.

This is very time consuming and delicate work, but the quality will not make you wait long after the need for an important reservoir of work, you will see the result. And will be satisfied!

So what if you have a site there is a lake that needs help, do not hesitate to treat yourself to the smell and sea clean, beautiful pond, which will provide for you and your family are still many, many years.

And if you add the imagination, you can create such beauty that everyone in the neighborhood, too, want to imagine a beautiful and clean lake, as you have.

So that the cleaning of the reservoir, lake, pond, bet the river, the sea, the channel is very, very important.

Do not forget that nature and tell you "thank you."

Author: Marina.


How to dig a ditch?

How to excavate know? Digging of trenches very interesting process!

I think many of you have seen how to excavate, but for those who are not familiar with this procedure, I will try to explain in detail how I saw it myself.

First, everything is prepared and measured when everything is ready, you can invite a special technique. To the desired location of the future lake or excavation excavator and dump trucks arrive.

Excavator begins to dig a pit digging bucket on the side, so removed the upper ground ball.

Digging the pit - it is one of the important types of excavation work in construction, so as to digging of trenches almost always begins any construction.

I certainly do not think the design, geology and plan architectural structure that is conceived in the building, whether it's just a pit beneath a lake or a maximum building the foundation for the construction of the building.

Then again, the excavator continues to operate, but the land rises and drops in the bucket standing next to a truck.

When the car is full, the driver of the excavator beep, it means that the driver of the truck loaded and can leave.

Then the next car pulls up, and thus the whole day, and sometimes more buses running until full completion of digging the pit.

Here's a little story about how to dig a pit, so that if you need help in digging trenches, contact is always glad to help.

Author: Marina.

How to make a pond with their own hands?

Creating a pond with their own hands, of course maybe a little exaggerated, but who really wants to, he will always achieve the desired success, so go for it!

To create our little pond, with the beginning of the course, simply choose a place in the garden or on the site.

Then take a shovel and dig deep and wide ditch such as you like, of course the deeper, the less water will evaporate from the pond.

When we finished our kotlovanchik, the bottom of the reservoir of our future, we can send clay or some other material.

Then fit a quality film or simply processed pit grout repeatedly until dry, checked everywhere that there was no hole.

Then again, his hands laid on the bottom of sand, stones, everything that you like.

Carefully pour pure water of his creation, to finish the landscape of your choice and "wow" you have a pond.

That's how you find out about how to make a pond with their hands are interesting, amusing, and very time consuming.

Course work takes a lot of effort, because a lot of exercise, but you see the result of their work, and rejoice even more, so go for it.
And for those who can not, will not or simply do not have time, but willing to pay for the work on the creation of the pond, please contact our professionals who will gladly help you in creating "a beautiful miracle in your area."

Author: Marina

Strengthening the shore of the pond.

Strengthening the shore of the reservoir, and it is because of who you saw doing shore reinforcement, I think that you will agree with the fact that few people have seen how it all happens.

Bank protection - is the kind of work with your bank or slope, which allows you to increase several times the durability of the destruction of your bank, as well as its stability, beauty and chic look.

The main methods of strengthening the shores and slopes are such as: strengthening erosion control netting, erosion control Geomat they perfectly filled particles of vegetable soil, thus using vegetation strengthens the shore.

More durable types of coastal protection: Oak STAKES or oak piles, geotextiles, concrete ...

And also there: coconut mats, geogrids, reinforcing mesh netting Chain and rubble filling shall also apply gabions, metal, concrete, plastic piles of oak stakes, shore reinforcement tongue, vegetation and more.

Strengthening the shore of the reservoir is always very time-consuming and expensive process, but it is absolutely necessary if you really want a beautiful and long-employee you pond.

How to strengthen the shore? The choice is always, everything depends on your capability for the price of building materials, and to strengthen safeguards shore quality, we take on.

So you are always in the right to choose exactly what is right for you, but of course you need to listen to the advice of the professionals in this case are not the lung, such as strengthening the shore of the pond.

According to both, to all bodies of water has its own approach. One such body of water, the other a third yet-so much depends on the quality of soil, the characteristics of the reservoir and a host of other conditions surrounding us.

According to this, we have to each pond individually.

Construction, upgrading, landscaping, dredging, clearing it all such a balanced, powerful and different approach that is needed is for your pond.

We love ponds, feel them and know what they need. Each body of water as a small child in need of care and support and help on this, you can always rely.

Author: Marina.


How to make a website?

How to make a website? Many often ask the same question: "So how do you do all the same site." Many who believe that it is a piece of cake, but believe or "Asa" of his case, or those people who absolutely do not understand or anything in the creation of websites, but they pretend that they are experts and thus very much like to put a few sticks in the swivel wheel.

How to create a website if you are not an expert in this area?
Frankly, to create a website is not so easy, especially a very nice and functional, this requires tremendous knowledge of programming languages​​, all kinds of scripts, functions, or some other engines, knowledge and functions of various plug-ins and components, professional knowledge of graphics programs and much, much, more ...
Sometimes people who bought the creation of the site, not even suspect about what their order for fines to be hiding huge, time-consuming, difficult and very fruitful work, which at times exaggerates the price which you have agreed.

So that ponder the question how to create a website or just trust the people who know how to create it and who will try to do everything for you in the best possible way.

Do not try to create yourself a website, if you are not in this boom ... boom ... best get a good specialist who will help you to create a website for your business, and all will be fine !!!

Author: Marina.



Lake. What is a lake? You know the answer to this question?
I think that many of you are aware and know what the lake.
Lake - as it happens? Lakes are the most that neither eat different from small to very large and deep.
Lake also has a custom-made and natural? Piece lake creates man using a shovel or excavator, digging in this pit.
Well, a natural lake - is a depression in the ground, which subsequently gaining a full cup of water and become a lake.
The lakes are very different, the main thing that they are well maintained, clean and beautiful, and then nature will tell you "thank you" for a clean and beautiful lake.

Author: Marina.

How to pan the sand or beach?
Pan pan sand or soil, as well as pan beach we can with the help of our experts, and of course mini dredger.
Very interesting question, is not it? How many of you have been there where namyvayut beach, who knows how to do it, for sure, only a few of us can say how it all happens and that of the entire work. Logically thinking "Clean sandy beach", yes! Sand-wash
First you need to find out if your lake or river, the sand on the bottom or in globular structures geology of your soil.
This is very important to indicate whether you have sand and if we can pan the sand on the shore of your future beach.

Why is it important, but because of the clay - sand not namoesh? Is not it?
If there is, it is a plus, as we can clean your lake of silt and sand thereby pan to your bank and make a nice clean beach with clear water and sand, about how the sea, where the clear water and pure white sand, and seen as a swimming fish and jellyfish, beauty !!!
If the bottom of your pond has a sand, then a mini dredger very useful to you.
Our professionals started a dredger and dredger at work hand you get a double benefit: your pond is cleaned of mud, dirt, debris and sand-wash work is that you need for a perfect beach, building and expanding your bank.
And then, after cleaning the lake and sand namyvaniya are working on landscaping the beach.
After some time and a small investment in your pond, you just do not know your bank, river or lake.
You will have a beautiful lake and clean, reclaimed sand beach, maybe even your own personal beach, if it is a private house. aggradation beach
Built gazebos, rafts, planted near the pond beautiful shrubs, plants and swimming fish in your pond, for which you can still make supplements "wintering pit" and the fish will take the winter very well and you and your family can relax and fish all year round though.
It all depends on you and your decision to do what you want, and help us to not make you wait long.
Always ready to help you on any matter digging, cleaning, deepening, landscaping, enhancing the shore namyvaniya territory and complete accomplishment of your pond, and even, if need be, and ongoing care and support of your pond.
Call, write will be glad to cooperate with you!

Author: Marina.

How to dig a pond on the site?

How to dig a pond on the site, probably not know everything! As reservoirs come in different sizes and different configurations, and design. Digging the pond depends on many factors, however, how to dig a pond near her house?

To dig a pond on the site will require expert help of course.

But, you know, there are also those craftsmen who themselves are beginning to do so they have a pond that is not asking the expert how to properly dig a pond, and just go on and starts doing something myself, just read about it in internet or learn from each other any information, just simply start doing stupid things in their area.

Well, it says "host -barin"!

So it is true, but for all the work we need more knowledge and how you feel? And then, more difficult to clean up the mistakes in the construction of the reservoir that have already been made in the course of their independence and self action.

Here's why we ask you, dear reader, if you need to build a pond, dig a pond, to deepen the pond, pond clean, strengthen pond pan beach or just learn how to build a pond with his hands and more ...

So, we ask you to contact your professional help to build reservoirs in which behind many years of experience, practice and knowledge of how to properly dig a pond on the site.

Here you can find the contact details of our experts

Author: Marina.


Cleaning the pond chemicals. 

Why cleaning chemical preparation of the pond? Few people know that there is also a lot of chemicals that purify water aquarium or pond of mass-paced rot or terrible greens pond.

Yes, cleaning the pond chemicals really kills rotting infection reservoir, which is very strongly and quickly spread over the pond, and works as a disinfector pond, that is not the desired microbial killing sphere in the pond.

That's fine, but after chemicals only help fight infection reservoir, but not clean the pond as it makes mini dredger.

Thanks services dredger you get rid of the silt, mud, deepen the pond and extend it at will, as well as get the inside and outside cleaning of the pond reeds, greenery, foliage, twigs, debris.

Here on this and you need to choose really high-quality cleaning of the reservoir, which would your pond was clean, well-kept and beautiful, well and chemical preparation can be added only in the case when your water is green and smells very bad.

Anyway, I think myself, to do something without knowing what should not be better to turn to professionals to help you solve all your problems related to your pond.

Call us and we will help in word and deed!

Author: Marina.


Miracle -ozero!

Oh! Disorder! Girls screamed as 25 years, when I saw my grandmother overgrown swamp for vegetable gardens. After talking with his grandmother, girls decided to order the digging and cleaning of the swamp.

She called experts from the World of the lake, which immediately started to address this terrible problem bolotyanoy.

And a week later to strengthen the work of specialists, girls and grandmother did not behold this wonder-lake that shines and shimmers with gentle rays of the sun on each raised by wind small but clean waves.

Author: Marina.

Obustroystvo territory location.

Obustroystvo - Title neordynarnoe. Mnohoe zavysyt from the same geographical nahozhdenyya tracts, that's something that ymenno need it delat on tracts: cleaning territory, vыravnyvanye areas on earth, Delete derevya, pny, dig lake shore ukreplyat, otkosы Or Around landshaftnыy made the design. Obustroystvom territory nazыvayut territory, kotoruyu need it and make one krasyvoy obustroennoy. Ponyatnoe Cause, something not obustroennыe Or tracts of territory, zachastuyu vыhlyadyat not pretty, us uhozheno.Vы allocate When something zabroshennыe home and s zarosshye tracts, here and so prymerno vыhlyadyat not obustroennыe, zabroshennыe tracts and something to bы Vashem tracts such "strashylyscha" that was the not, then you need it in advance podumat about obustroystve territory, not the Around the lake, it is actually not tracts, something bы people prohodyaschye not puhalys past, and vice versa voshyschalys krasotoy vasheho location. And If You bubonnыy for man, think about Tom, something people will Zavidovo Or something else will be there to think plohoe Or else cheho, the council you think of My Only at Good, all Good and Will and to establish Anyway some kind decor fiction Colour, already well This is for sovsem for bubonnыh people. Luba Beauty - ÎÍÀ zavorazhyvaet and beauty of nature Even start up in your yard are delaet peace chysche, brighter, more beautiful and ubyvaet naproch any Negative Thinking Or veyanye. So, let's staratsya something delat our peace chysche, brighter and more beautiful since just right with our plots, and there hlyadysh else and someone - it zahochetsya zanyatsya obustroystvom PSI territory, Avto add to the nature of purity and beauty. Not somnevayas, since obustrayvat svoy tracts, cheho not vыhodyt, zvonyte We, Help you to obustroystve territory tracts obustroystve Or Lake on Vashem location. 

Author: Marina.

Construction of the pond in the garden.

To begin the construction of the reservoir you need to understand what you need to build a body of water: natural or artificial.
Pond for breeding and fishing, swimming, relaxing or just for beauty and improve landscaping.
If you want to build a pond for fish farming and do not know any better, it all depends on your backyard uchastka.Esli you think what is more convenient for pond fish farming, the course prirodnyy.No if you for some reason do not want a natural pond or width of the track just can not do it, then we can construct and an artificial pond in which fish is also good live and breed.

What should be the optimal size of the pond?
Optimal size should always be what you want to see a body of water, as long as he was.
Our experts are always on the water bodies will give you a worthwhile and necessary advice in time.
Perfect for a good rest the whole family or his hobbies include fishing, naturally there
natural pond near the site, and often near the site.

When you step out onto the balcony of his house and look at the height of the decoration of your site -
in the newly built vodoem.Kogda your pond full of fish in the pond water clean, sparkling waves of the reservoir in the sun, shimmering, and around the pond perfect beach: clean, white sand, landscaping, perfect landscape ... 

The waterfront and equipped and strengthened, there is a bridge, stream, jetty, ladder and all ideally made from oak, while the pond just feast for the eyes, that's when you yourself are (a) Statement smile and say:

"Wow, what still on my site beauty!"

If you have a house or land, and it has no reservoir, then you should think about the construction of the reservoir. Do you know why?

Firstly it is beautiful, very krasivo.Ty always be able to choose for themselves their project reservoir: heart, oval, globe, square, rectangle, a drop and a host of options ....
Secondly you can relax with your family right in their area, inviting friends to his.
Third, if you are an amateur or breeding fish - simply the best option for the construction of the reservoir.
Fourth, you can always build a pond with clean beach for yourself and bathe in it.
Fifth pond - decorate your garden plot, and it is here that you can make watering your garden with optimally suitable temperature for plants ...
Construction of the reservoir - it's some pros, so Join the world of the lake and our company will help you in solving construction, cleaning, everything pond from A to Z!

 You just need to call us and be ready to help work wonders in the form - the birth of your pond!

Avtor: Marina


Landscape design - design of reservoirs.

How many of you know how to make out what the ponds and landscaping? Landscaping is very exciting and fantastic action when you come on the site beautiful transformation of Cinderella into a princess.


Landscaping land or water body is very delicate, original fantasy or fairy tale embodied in reality just for you.


For each customer, there is the personal order, individual design. For each of us, as a person is very individual and in each of us there are some of his concepts of beauty and what is wrong, each of us has their own tastes, strengths and weaknesses.


Landscape designers do not break your idea of beautiful, but only complement and help your dreams become even more original and beautiful. Clean all the disadvantages and add even more advantages.


Imagine: You have to have a clean pond area - fashioned stone, with alpine slide, seated around the flowers, plants, fountains, systemsполива,скульптурами,беседками,мостиками,дорожками,которые give more elegance to your pond or site.


Landscaping pond or area - decorate your home and your family will be proud !!! Call us!

Avtor: Marina


Services landscape designer.

You need the services of a landscape designer?

Our company World Lakes provides services for you landscaper, create photo projects your future plot the future look of your landscape design area, pond or all together.

Landscape designers will help you create on your site fantastic beauty of which you have been dreaming.

Landscape designers prompt you how to better your site will look like a pond, lake, fountain, artificial pond or in the whole entire project site, or your garden with all buildings such as gazebos for recreation, bridges, furnace for a picnic or barbecue, dry and live streams , alpine slides, waterfalls, and everything else ...

Create irrigation systems, planting plants and many other things that you would like to see in their area, will help to realize all of our landscape designers.

The whole design of your site carefully thought out and discussed with you prior to the minutest details, as they say do everything from A to Z.

Order the service landscape designer to fully equip your pond area or all together and our landscape designers will help you create a fairy-tale world at your cozy home!

 Call us now! 0973444480

 author: Marina

How to create an artificial waterfall?

Most to make an artificial pond or waterfall will be very difficult, unless you are a landscape designer or architect stroitel.Nu all well aware of that any work, let it be even a simple planting trees or cleaning the lakes, or the construction of a reservoir, or artificial waterfall definitely need as a pro. Even if every one of us will be able to plant a tree, but how to properly fertilize the land and the few people know, but what about some architectural and engineering services or landscape design services, few will be able to create a pond, waterfall and beautiful quality.

How to make an artificial waterfall or pond? The issue solely to the professional and only nemu.Kto as non professional of the business will be able to give a correct answer to this question is not the word, namely business.

Our company "World Lakes" offers everyone the services of our professionals in the construction and cleaning of reservoirs, lakes, ponds, digging of the pond of any size and complexity, to create artificial waterfalls, artificial ponds on your property, as well as quality service for bank protection of any lake, reservoir, pond, river or canal.

What a waterfall or pond can I create? Yes, in principle, any, any project, any thumbnail of your future waterfall pond or landscape design in general in your area. Creating artificial ponds and waterfalls of any shape and beauty of landscape art. Waterfalls, ponds create only quality materials that will serve you a century.

Only high-quality work on the creation of the reservoir on your property or natural decorative, to create an artificial waterfall, fountains, watering systems, cleaning, dredging and strengthening the coastline.

Our company "World Lakes" will provide you with a whole range of services for the creation of any pond, the waterfall under klyuch.Vse work on the lake from A to Z, to call us and order lyuboyu services related to the lake, pond or pond, happy to help your site become another smarter and brighter! Call Now!

Call us now! 0973444480

 author: Marina 

Create a dry creek in the area.
How to create a dry creek in the area, and why is it needed?

Originally set up a dry creek - a task is certainly not an easy one, but easily solved by ordering such services provided by our landscaper.

Why is a dry creek?
For the beauty of your landscape. Creating streams are dry as a separate service or in conjunction with an artificial lake and waterfall. Dry creek in structure may be different, but reminiscent of the usual stream of water on your site, but instead of water, beautiful stones, flowers and many other fantasy landscape designer, embodied in reality.

Dry creek in the area - it's very beautiful and exciting spectacle. But for me personally (this is purely my personal opinion) now looks more gorgeous lake, reinforced oak, gabions and than + waterfall and it already goes around the perimeter dry creek, but a real creek lined with stones of this water, which is the whole area flows, creates beauty, brilliance and rustling of water.

But this whole project can be added and dry creek where the water will somehow end and go into a dry creek. Also very beautiful and exciting spectacle. 

We are always happy to help you create on your site any beauty related in lakes, reservoirs, ponds, rivers, waterfalls, streams, etc. Order our services for the construction of lakes, the arrangement of lakes, river banks, removal of silt, sand-wash, dredging, creation of ponds, waterfalls, and these dry streams, a full landscape from A to Z!

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author: Marina

Bank revetment oak.

How to strengthen the shore of the lake, and why you need to bank stabilization oak, it gives?
I will try to explain. Firstly: any lake bank protection need not necessarily oak, can be geogrid, Gabions, biomatom, textiles, etc. Most importantly, the lake was well maintained and clean. Second, any bank stabilization lake gives him two or three times more than the beauty and longevity. And what can we say about the bank stabilization oak, oak piles oak staves, oak beams ...

Strengthening the coast tree - this is the beauty, admiration and at least a century indestructible beauty of your lake, so the choice is up to you, dear visitors and readers of my articles. You may ask, "why I am writing this true?" Yes, all because it is in nature, and there is truth.

Why is the oak is in the water for a long time and do not spoil? Yes, all because, first: working professionals on bank Lakes, secondly oak always take the necessary processing, third: after treatment and clogging oak (strengthening the coast oak) - Oak looks very fashionable, beautiful and durable, because oak after treatment in contact with water ceases harder than stone or concrete and this is the truth of longevity and beauty of such a special material for shore protection as an oak!

So, dear guests and customers, our company WORLD LAKES provides quality services on bank Lakes oak: oak stakes, piles of oak, oak beams, as well as many other ways to strengthen the bank. Call us and order services on bank oak now! +380973444480

author: Marina


As oak piles hammered? As strengthening the shore of the lake?

In order to know the answers to these questions should be able to do such work and to be an expert on strengthening banks of the lakes, or if you just look at how this work actually happens, you need to book the services of our professionals to strengthen the banks of the lake and driving oak piles, then you will learn how hammered oak piles and how to strengthen the shore of the lake. If you want to put on the site and make for a beautiful and durable the lake, then book our services for enhancing oak and your lake will delight you for many, many years.

Why? I'll tell you!

Imagine, just land, just a house, just the lake, dug a lake around the grass is nice, but you often sit by the lake and catch fish, and the shore is increasingly eroding the ground from under the feet out into the water, and the view of the lake to be honest.

But when you are on a special bridge made of a tree or the pier with a fishing rod in hand or just relax by our lake, which is not just the lake, and super gorgeous lake, shores of which are beautifully fashioned oak. Here is rest and beauty, and fishing's great in your lake of carp at 2-5 kg and the other fish you got there, and now with pleasure I spend free time near his home, near family and fishing. Not need to go far from family to fishing, all easily and not under compulsion you are doing at home, just in their area, the entire rest of your home. And family happy with beautiful lake and you are happy that now carp to 5 kg can be grown and to catch at home, in your cosy and beautiful lake, which with high quality and reliable reinforced oak from the spread land in the water, which will delight you and your family for many years and even centuries, you only have it once in 5 - 10 years clean from silt and all you are the king of partying on the water.

We order services for the digging of the lake cleaning, lake dredging and strengthening works along the shore of your lake any appropriate for you shore. Call us now 097 344 44 80


How to strengthen the lake with georesources? What does goreshade?

The processes of shore lakes georesources is as they say top secret, but we can lift the veil and tell you, dear reader, that the process of construction of the lake and strengthen its shores georesources very interesting, good and often the cheapest of all methods of Bank stabilization lakes, slopes. If such a method is the cheapest way to shore, so not efficient, you might think, but I will try to dispel your doubts.

All methods of strengthening of the banks is very effective. Just, much still depends on the strength of the materials themselves, to compare you, grid and oak, there is a difference?

Georesource a kind of a grid that covers the banks of lakes and gives the earth osypaetsya in the water and even all at the same time very well the city planted greenery grass, sprouted, concatenates and gives a reliable protection of the lake for many years. Of course, if tanks drive will not be on the lake, the beauty and many years of your lake is provided.

To strengthen the banks of georissidae gives your lake shore, the ability to be yourself and WTO same time to be beautiful and well-kept. Because the stacking is done evenly, virovskaya all the shore so that was very nice, and then all that the city planted greenery or grass lawns ukladyvaya ready and make sure that your lake for years to come.

So, dear reader, if you need lake on the plot, then you've come to the right address. Our company is a World of Lakes will help you create a magnificent lake and to strengthen the banks any suitable for you way: goreshade, geotextile, geogrid, Biosite, sheet piling, stone, rubble, concrete, oak, oak piles or stakes of oak and are all guaranteed with high quality and perfect, call us right now. +380973444480

 author: Marina

Strengthening the shore of the PVC sheet pile.

Any protection is a super protection for your Bank and the strengthening of the banks of the lakes of the PVC sheet pile is no exception.

The cleat itself is different from the combined dowel or plastic dowel to metal dowel, which is also called the sheet piles.

All types of piles are bio,-water,-weather-resistant to all weather conditions and of course are very long giving the banks a charming, strong and sustainable.

Sheet piles are used in construction purposes, for foundations, bridges, to strengthen dikes, shores of lakes and ponds, rivers.

Reinforcing cleat the shores of your lake, you will be satisfied with the beauty and lasting service you material that will keep the banks in excellent condition for many years.

Our company offers you a WORLD of LAKES construction of your lakes, rivers and reservoirs and enhancing in different ways, so don't waste your time, to help your lake become clean and beautiful.

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autor: Marina 


Expect a lot of fun ......

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